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Water Treatment

Water Treatment System is required to meet the growing demand for efficient and effective water filtration, as there are various sorts of impurities and chemicals present in the water and it is highly essential to restore and purify the water as per certain set and required quality standards before it finds its end usage.

The experts at KASproc Technologies are well aware of the standard systems and industry norms required for convenient installation and availability in easily customizable finished sizes as per the application & space requirement of the customers.

Water Treatment Plants

Effluent Water Treatment Plants

What is an effluent treatment plant or ETP?

Effluent treatment plants clean industrial effluents, contaminated water from rivers and lakes so that the water can be reused for additional purposes. Along such lines, water is reutilized and sustained. In fact, such gushing treatment ensures that any contaminant will be expelled from the water making it reusable. It is mostly used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, textiles, tanneries, and chemicals where there is a chance of extreme water contamination. Nevertheless, how this treatment will be applied may vary from industry to industry.

KASproc Technologies is a supplier of some of the best-in-class Effluent Water Treatment Plants like Containerised Solutions, Zero Discharge, etc, and also provides End to End turnkey solutions for the same.

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