Bottling Lines

With our experienced team of engineers and in partnership with global companies, we have successfully been manufacturing all kinds of bottling facilities and providing turnkey bottling facilities to clients with high efficiency.

Bottling Lines
Bottling Lines

We maintain the highest level of hygiene and product quality in our facilities, aligned with global quality standards. We have been serving both domestic and foreign companies for many years with the bottling lines for the following products:

Carbonated Beverages
  • Turnkey soft drink facilities with high efficiency, right from syrup rooms and process technologies, to filling, labeling, and palletizing systems
  • Additionally, we have procured machines such as blow molding and shrink-wrapping machines
Fruit Juices

We install and operate turnkey fruit juice facilities with high quality and efficiency

Spring Waters

Water bottling projects require extremely hygienic and high-quality machines. We offer:

  • Turnkey and guaranteed solutions for water bottling projects
  • Complete facilities for bottling water in fully automatic machines, untouched by human hands, maintained under hygienic conditions and operated with high efficiency
  • We also procure blow molding and shrink-wrapping machines outside our portfolio, from proven and reliable partner companies
Natural Mineral Waters

Natural mineral waters, not only meet the daily rehydration needs but also contribute to the daily mineral intake via the absorption of minerals by the intestines. We provide:

  • High-efficiency, turnkey bottling lines for natural and fruit-flavored sodas and mineral waters
Alcoholic Beverages
  • Turnkey bottling facilities for alcoholic beverages such as wine, vodka, rakı, etc.
  • Install and operate turnkey alcoholic/non-alcoholic beer bottling lines, including automatic depalletizer up to filling, tunnel pasteurizer, and palletizing systems
Vegetable Oils
  • Turnkey oil bottling lines which include blow molding/automatic bottle-feeding systems, filling and labeling, cardboard packing, and palletizing systems
  • We follow the highest level of hygiene and quality, especially where packaging and customer-specific filling techniques are used
Dairy Products

Dairy product bottling facilities are highly sensitive to microbiological sterility and need the highest level of hygiene. Anti-bacterial design, hygienic components, and machines that can be easily and reliably sterilized (sanitized) are more important than any other bottling facility in this industry. We ensure:

  • Setup and operation of complete bottling lines for bottling dairy products such as ayran, kephir, etc, in fully automatic machines, without human contact, under hygienic conditions
  • Design and implementation of bottling lines for PET/HDPE packages in accordance with international food quality norms
  • Highest level of hygiene and product quality, especially where packaging and product-specific filling techniques are used

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