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We are a group of
Highly Professional, Qualified & Experienced

  • Engineers
  • Consultants
  • Solution Integrators

We possess a strong knowledge and have a forte of experience in the following sectors:


Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be the most detailed, most timely and best Turnkey Engineering solution provider Globally in every sector of the Engineering Procurement.

We aim to provide our customers with unprecedented quality of services, keeping in mind the importance of the minute details and delivering all the products and services in an expedient manner. Our Customers and their needs always have and will always be given the first priority at KASproc Technologies.


We at KASprocTechnologies strongly believe in the statement that it is always quality over quantity.


Why Us?

We are aware that Procurement Managers in any Industrial/Operational or Corporate sectors spend 70% of their valuable time in Vendor searching and Evaluation of new needs, meetings, emails, phone conversations, Order bookings etc. We strive to provide our customers a wide and varied range of branded products which meet the Highest Standard of quality as a Single Source provider. We at KASprocTechnologies lay emphasis on selection, quality and value. We work closely with our suppliers to meet the goal of providing our customers with the right solution for every application. We understand and are aware that Vendor-Supplier relationships are of vital importance to build a successful business. We have made a mark in the market with the support of our suppliers.We aim at creating mutually beneficial long-term relationships with all our suppliers based on collaboration ,trust and common goals.

Our corporate ethics are grounded in strong and fair trade practices and our efforts are guided by the satisfaction of our clients by way of quality, prices, schedules and the relationship we share with them. Our highly experienced team can assist with:

  • Product Selection & Sourcing
  • Consolidation of products from Different Manufacturers
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Transport Logistics and Shipment

We offer complete integration solutions with multiple options and supplier profiles to choose from, along with competitive quotations. We pay strict attention to all the QC management issues from Order Initiation, In-process inspection, pre-shipment inspection, Metallurgical and Country Specific Certifications.

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