Megablock CAN


Can Filling and Sealing machines are specially designed for filling alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers into cans. In addition, by pressurizing the product boiler using nitrogen gas or sterile air, noncarbonated drinks can also be filled. The filling is carried out with the latest technology electromagnetic volumetric measurement method.

Different models of filling machines, ranging from 24 valves up to 100 valves, with a maximum capacity of 72,000 cans per hour are available.

Beer Megablock CAN
Beer Megablock CAN
Product info:

Unlike conventional carbonated drink-filling machines, level control is done volumetrically using electromagnetic flowmeters. Electromagnetic flowmeters offer a fast and error-free solution as they electronically calculate the fluid volume.

Due to the sensitivity of the cans, the O2 in the cans before the filling is swept along with the CO2 taken into the can via other means and discharged out of the cans.

After filling, before sealing, a small amount of hot water or CO2 is sprayed to release the O2 in the brim and remove it from the can. The system consists of a nozzle, control valve, water filter, thermometer, and pressure regulator.

Product input:

Special “Product Input Group” ensures that the beer is fed calmly and without turbulence to prevent foaming during the transport of the beer into the product boiler.

It is an electronic PLC-controlled system in which gas pressure and product levels are continuously controlled. The system consists of a pressure sensor, special electro-pneumatic valves with positioners, and necessary mechanical connection apparatus.


We use Europe’s highest quality spinning machine which is supplied by manufacturers and integrated into the system. Since sealing tin cans with metal lids is a very sensitive operation, spinning heads with micrometric horizontal and vertical adjustment options are used.

General features:
  • The electronic system provides flexibility in determining pressurization, filling, settling, and degassing times.
  • Measurement of the liquid volumes to be filled into the cans with flowmeters allows more precise filling levels.
  • The “fixed can, moving valve” system, which operates with a cam mechanism, ensures that the extremely sensitive tin cans meet and center the valve properly without deformation.
  • The Central Lubrication group situated at a single point in the machine provides easy lubrication.
  • The color panel with the wide touchscreen provides easy operation of the machine.
  • Noncarbonated beverages can also be filled by pressurizing the product boiler using sterile air or nitrogen gas.

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