Blow molding machine is a rotary machine that manufactures plastic bottles from a preform.

We offer various models starting from ones with the capacity to manufacture 12,000 bottles per hour, to the ones which can manufacture up to 36,000 bottles per hour. In addition, we offer models with a wide pitch – ranging from 4,000 bottles up to 8,000 bottles per hour for 5–10-liter water-filling facilities.


How it operates:

  • The preforms are taken into the chamber of the automatic feeding system and conveyed to an unscrambler by the elevator, where they are sequenced and transmitted to the infrared preform heating tunnel.
  • Preforms are heated to the pre-set value and taken into blow molds through a star.
  • The preforms, which are extended vertically using a shaft in the molds and pass the pre-inflation operation, are inflated with high pressure in the next step and become plastic bottles by taking the shape of the mold.
  • The plastic bottle that comes out of the mold is transferred from its neck to the exit star and from there to the pneumatic conveyor (or to the filling machine input stars in combi machines).

Parts of the machine:

  • Preform Feeding and Unscrambling Unit
    The preforms taken into the preform chamber are delivered to the preform unscrambler through a belt elevator. Unscrambler arranges the preforms in a single row and moves them to the furnace.
  • Preform Furnace
    It is used to heat the preforms to the pre-set value. The bodies of the preforms rotating around their axes are heated homogeneously by infrared lamps.
  • Preform Blowing Unit
    The preforms taken from the furnace through special holders are taken into the molds where the blowing process will be performed.The blowing process is carried out in two steps. In the first step, stretching is done by a shaft, and pre-inflation is applied with low pressure. In the second step, the bottle, which is inflated with high pressure, is given its final shape.
  • Bottle Output
    Bottles, which are inflated to their final shape, are removed from the molds using special rotary holders and transferred to the pneumatic conveyor.


  • Works in high efficiency due to its rotary type
  • Preforms are heated homogeneously due to the latest technology “near-infrared (NIR)” heating lamps
  • Can work with low-weight bottles
  • Consists of an “air recovery system” that saves energy by utilizing the inflation air in the next process (up to 25% air)
  • Unlocked mold connection design makes the mold change time very brief
  • Infrared lamps have an air-cooling system that extends their life
  • High-sensitive operation is possible thanks to the servomotor-controlled main motor and preform pre-tension bar
  • Has a sensitive and impact-free braking system for sudden stops
  • Guaranteed safe operation with the vibration sensor

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