MEGAPAS is used to pasteurize pulpy or pulp-less fruit juices before filling. Products that can be processed in a pasteurizer:

  • Pulpy juices
  • Pulp-free juices
  • Fruit flavored drinks
  • Nectars
  • Liquid Sugar

Technical specifications:   

  1. It has a pasteurization temperature recording system for process monitoring and future monitoring.
  2. There is a touchscreen operator panel, hence through this panel the product temperature and error messages are displayed. Necessary controls and settings help maintain the process in a stable state.
  3. The system works in full automation using PLC and automatically controlled valves.
  4. The product flow is monitored with Electromagnetic flowmeters.
  5. With the inverter-controlled centrifugal pump, precise and desired quantities are transferred.
  6. Product heating is done by a wide flow “plate heat exchanger” made of AISI316 stainless steel, which facilitates the passage and transfer of pulp products.
  7. There is a “heat recovery system” that reduces steam and energy consumption.
  8. With the analog signal it receives from the next machine, the capacity can be adjusted automatically.
  9. The necessary product storage is made with the balance tank. The balance Tank is fully automated and coupled to the system with its mixer, CIP knob, level probe, and centrifuge pump.

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