SS Tanks

Stainless steel tanks are storage devices that are used to hold a range of substances. Many industries use stainless steel tanks to hold substances such as chemicals, gases, food, water, and other bulk materials. Industries that rely heavily on stainless steel tanks include pharmaceutical companies, the food and beverage industry, agriculture, and sewage and wastewater companies. Stainless steel is the favored material of many industries for producing storage tanks because of its relative ease of use, flexibility, ability to prevent corrosion, which makes it the ideal substance for storing hazardous materials. Stainless steel is also popular for its ability to resist extreme temperatures.

Jacketed Tanks
Jacketed Tanks

A jacketed tank is designed to keep the contents hot or cold through its “jacket” enclosure. Jacketed tanks have many design variations to accommodate a wide range of industries and applications. Companies that use wax for home and bath products use jacketed melter tanks to bring the materials to a manageable consistency. Similarly, the food sector uses jacketed stainless steel tanks to temper chocolate and sugary confections. Conventional jackets are a common design, featuring a solid shell over part of the tank and no internal components. The fluid regulating temperature flows between the jacket and the tank, though it isn’t the most price-efficient method for heat transfer.

Insulated Tanks

One size and style does not fit all. A hot water storage tank is a water tank used for storing hot water for space heating or domestic use. An efficiently insulated tank can retain stored heat for days, reducing fuel costs.

Mixture & Mixing Tanks

The ability to mix chemicals is important in certain industrial processes, water and wastewater treatment processes, and agricultural applications. The primary goal for a polyethylene chemical storage mixing system is that it is properly designed to mix chemicals safely and cost-effectively. We at KASproc ensure that the primary goal is met and executed appropriately adhering.

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