Cables, Cable Accessories, Cables Ties and Electrical Installation accessories

KASproc Technologies provides a strong Turnkey Supply of a wide and varied range of cables, cable accessories along with cable management services for cable protection, cable identification, coaxial cables, cable ties, handling, or cable clips. As we are aware that cable accessories form an integral part of any new Electrical Installation Project, we can give you valuable advice and also provide you with the right cable accessories to select so that the design integrity of your electrical system is maintained.

We offer the following type of Power Cables:

Power cables
Low Voltage

We offer an extensive range of high-quality products within low voltage range with PVC & XLPE insulation up to voltage grade 1.1 kV conforming to the various national and international standards. We provide customized applications and supply value-added products virtually in every industrial area. We offer our customers unique competencies within technical expertise and innovative solutions.

High Voltage

High voltage cables, generally made of XLPE insulation conforming to IS/BS/IEC/AS/NZS standards & normally used to transmit and distribute power in power transmission and distribution systems.

Control & Instrumentation

Control cables are generally used for underground as well as overhead transmission of power to the control panels in power plants, industries, projects, and all the electrical systems.

Instrumentation cables are multiple conductor cables that convey low-energy electrical signals used for monitoring or controlling electrical power systems and their associated processes. The functions of measurement and control are vital in manufacturing and processing applications. These functions are greatly dependent on their electronic circuitry.

Types of Cable Glands
  • BW Cable Glands – 2part
  • BW Cable Glands – 3 part
  • Single Compression Type Brass Cable Gland
  • Earthing Tag
  • Lock Nut
  • CW Cable Glands – 3 part
  • CW Cable Glands – 4 part
  • Marine Use Watertight Cable Gland
  • Wiping Gland
  • Aluminium Cable Glands
  • Nickel Plated Brass Cable Glass
  • PVC Shroud
Types of Cable Lugs
  • Crimping Type Heavy Duty Long Barrel Aluminium Terminal Ends
  • Aluminium Forged Cable Lugs (As per DIN 46329)
  • Tubular Compression Copper Cable Lugs
  • Snap-on Terminals
  • Fork Type Tinned Copper Cable Terminal Ends
  • Ring Type Tinned Copper Cable Terminal Ends
  • Ring Type Tinned Copper Cable Terminal Ends – Non-Insulated
  • Snap-on Terminals
  • Insulated End-Sealing Ferrules
Types of Cable Ties
  • Metal Detectable Cable Ties
  • Nylon Cable Ties
  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties
Types of Cable Markers
  • Wire Markers
  • Heat Shrinking Tubing
  • Cable Markers
  • Cable & Wire Markers
Types of Cable Tools
  • Hydraulic Crimping Tool
  • Copper Tube Terminal Crimping Tool
  • Cable Cutter
  • Crimp Terminal Tool
  • Plier Action Tool
Types of Plugs & Connectors
  • IP 44 Plug
  • IP 44 Connector
  • IP 67 Connector
  • IP 67 Plug
Cable Trays & Accessories

Cable trays are components used in the wiring of buildings to support insulated cables. They offer an alternative to open wiring or electrical conduit systems and are necessary for cable management in commercial and industrial construction.

KASproc offers a wide range of premium and hybrid quality Cable Trays & Accessories. We aim to provide our clients a trustworthy supply of  Cable Trays & Accessories and reliable support as per application or design.

Types of Cable Trays

Mesh Cable Trays

These cable trays are used for the installation of light cables in areas of application like: IT cabling, telephone cables, control cables, and cavity floors.

Cable Ladders for Power Cables with a large cross-section

Areas of application of cable ladders and power conductors are with large cross-sections where they can be fastened to the precise cable laying.

Modular System for special tasks

This product range has no bounds to which they can be used and individually combined to suit certain complex installation tasks.

AZ Channel for universal use

AZ Channel are put to use in areas such as luminaire support systems through low voltage cabling and power supply.

Perforated Type

Perforated Type Cable Trays have uniform holes and are suitable for cables that require both a degree of protection from external damages and ventilation. They are constructed from galvanized iron and mild steel. They are corrosion-resistant and highly durable metals that are used in designing the stock.

We offer these in various standard sizes and also as per the specifications of our clients.

Supports and Accessories

Cable tray accessories are the fittings and add-ons accompanying cable tray components.

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