Flowmatic Mass

Mass Filler With Electronic Flowmeters

Flowmatic Mass Filling/Sealing Machine has been specially developed for filling expensive and microbiologically sensitive products such as oils by calculating the “mass flow rate” using special flow meters (mass flowmeters). It gives exceptionally good results in products that require a high level of sanitation and precision.

A special version called the Megacell-G series has been developed and released to the market for large-volume tin cans and plastic bottles, which are popular in the oil industry.

Advantages of Filling System with Flowmeter:
  • Much higher precision and control of filling
  • The filling can be made independent of the product temperature
  • Due to its special valve structure, no drip is expected after filling
  • Switching to different products can be made easily without any adjustment
  • As the bottle never touches the valve thanks to the “Contact Free Filling” technique, hygiene is at the utmost level
  • Higher speed compared to machines with the same number of filling valves
  • Very low maintenance cost
Optional Bottle Cleaning Group (Rinsing):

The insides of the bottles can be cleaned before filling using a rinsing group that can be placed “optionally” before the filling group. In the rinsing phase, the bottles are grabbed from their brims through special grippers and rotated 180°, and depending on the nature of the product, sterile air, water, nitrogen or different cleaning liquids can be sprayed into them.

Nozzles operating according to the “No Bottle-No Spray” system are activated only if the relevant grippers have a bottle.

  • Thanks to the flowmeter which operates based on the mass flow rate, extremely fast and precise filling can be achieved
  • As the bottle never touches the valve thanks to the “Contact Free Filling” technique, hygiene is at the utmost level
  • Since a separate “valve-flowmeter set” is used for each bottle, there is never any deviation in precision
  • The valves are controlled by the Electronic and Pneumatic Control Center which is located in the filling tank
  • Pre-entered values according to different product and bottle volumes can be recalled from the operator panel and easily adjusted during format changes
  • Suitable for closed-loop CIP systems with sanitation caps

Various capping groups can be mounted on the mono-block body, such as:

  • Plastic caps and crown caps
  • Aluminum crown caps

Optionally, two different capping units can be mounted on the same mono-block body.

General Features:
  • PLC-controlled fully automatic operation
  • Colorful and large touchscreen operator panel
  • On-screen “Error messages” which make it easy to find faults
  • Electronic speed change in main drive motor with frequency inverter
  • Central lubrication unit situated at a single point in the machine
  • Stainless steel electrical control panel
Optional special hygienic applications:

Fully enclosed hygienic machine (Fans with HEPA filter mounted on the machine ceiling create positive pressure and largely prevent dust or bacteria from entering in).

Cap sterilization system (cleans the inside of the cap with a vacuum before meeting the bottle and sterilizes it with ultraviolet light. There is also the option of washing the inside of the cap with ozonated water).

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