Junior 300

We offer a versatile system designed exclusively for high-volume production, ranging from 100 to 300 b/h. The Junior 300 supports bottles from 5 liters to 5 gallons, increasing efficiency and flexibility in the massive production.


Our versatile end-to-end system includes:

Junior 300 Washer

The main features of the Junior 300 Washer are:

    1. Suitable for 5 washing treatments
    2. Handles bottles from 5 liters to 5 gallons
    3. Features automatic bottle loading and unloading
    4. Utilizes patented grippers for neck handling
    5. Equipped with rotary and patented self-cleaning nozzles
    6. Prevents water stagnation with a lack of stagnant points
    7. Automatically disinfect the rinsing area
    8. Provides easy access to maintenance
    9. Allows for easy change-over with no downtime

Junior 300 Filler

The fillers of the Junior 300 meet the following criteria and unique features:

  1. Electronically controls the filling process to ensure accurate volume of the water
  2. All parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 316 S.S and are designed for CIP sterilization treatment
  3. Equipped with overpressure air flow and air filtration for a clean-filling environment that guarantees protection against external contamination
  4. The washer and filler feature a “block” design to prevent bottle contamination during transfer

Press-on Capper

The PRESS-ON CAPPER is a linear machine for pressure-applying caps. The main components of Press-on Capper are:

  • Cap hopper
  • Canal chute
  • System for placing the cap on the neck
  • Device for snapping the cap on the neck
  • Features sterilization systems to prevent contamination on the cap
  • Utilizes pressure from a belt conveyor for cap snapping without highly stressing the bottle

Electronic Screw Capper

The Electronic Screw Capper operates with simplicity and precision, making it the USP of Junior 300. The other main features are:

  • Doesn’t need stars, clutches, or complex mechanisms
  • The closing torque is adjustable through a touch screen with high precision
  • Minimizes change-over downtimes with minimum handling of parts

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