Industrial Led Lights

The best way for any industry that runs in numerous hours with heavy consumption of electricity is to make use of LED Lights. This not only helps in controlling the costs but also protects the ecosystem and aids in energy conservation.

LED technology helps in providing efficient and special lighting solutions that contribute to the performance and safety of industrial space. KASproc Technologies supplies various brands of LED lights to cater to all sorts of Industrial LED needs. We provide end-to-end procurement solutions and customize them as per the client’s criteria, keeping in mind the best value proposition of a product/service. We take full responsibility in dealing with the supplier, to ensure finesse in the design & procurement process so that the client can focus on the profitability of the business. We stand as a solid link between the supplier and client.

The following types of LED Lights can be procured and sourced via KASproc Technologies:

Industrial LED Lights
LED Street Lights
  • Edge (From 36W- 250W)
  • Edge Plus (From 15W- 120W)
  • Cub Mini (From 15W- 36W)
LED High Bay Lights
  • Duranto (80W/100W/120W/180W/200W)
  • Blaze (80W/100W/120W/180W/200W)
  • Rays (80W/100W/120W/180W/200W)
  • Perk (100W/120W)
  • Trendy (80W/100W/120W/140W)
  • Forcebay (80W/100W/120W/150W)
  • Cosmo (80W/100W)
Flood Lights
  • Amaze (80W/100W/120W/180W/200W)
  • Turbo (80W/100W/120W/180W/200W)
  • Force (80W/100W/120W/150W)
  • Magnum (3OW/60W/80W/100W)
Cleanroom Lightning
  • Skylux (24W/30W)
  • Dovee Pro (12W/15W/120W/18W)
  • Connect Pendant (20W/28W/40W – 4F & 8F)
  • Connect (20W/28W/40W – 4F & 8F)

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