Integrated Blow Molding, Filling, And Capping Machine

Many products, including carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, oil, milk, and ayran, can be bottled in filling and capping machines that are integrated with the blowing units which manufacture bottles from the preform.

We offer various manufacturing capacity models, starting from 12,000 bottles per hour, up to 36,000 bottles per hour.


The preforms are taken into the chamber of the automatic feeding system and conveyed to an unscrambler by the elevator, where they are sequenced and transmitted to the infrared preform heating tunnel. Preforms heated to the pre-set value are taken into blow molds using a star. The preforms, which are extended vertically by means of a shaft in the molds and pass the pre-inflation operation, are inflated with high pressure in the next step and become plastic bottles by taking the shape of the mold. The plastic bottle that comes out of the mold is transferred from its neck to the exit star and from there to the pneumatic conveyor (or to the filling machine input stars in combi machines).


Filling techniques suitable for many products including carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, oil, and dairy products can be integrated with the system.


Capping groups for different types of caps are assembled on the integrated body.


  • Saves space compared to classical systems and consumes less energy
  • Does not need conveyors and bottle washing assembly between blowing and filling machines
  • Operates in higher hygiene conditions
  • Flexible integration of filling techniques
  • By pressurizing the product boiler using sterile air or nitrogen gas, non-carbonated beverages such as water and fruit juice can also be filled

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