Turnkey LAB Equipment supply

A turnkey laboratory project is one that is complete upon delivery. As soon as the keys to the lab are passed to the owner, they can open the doors and start work. All the equipment and utilities are in place and connected – so operations can begin immediately.

  • Objectives of a Turnkey Project are:
  • One contact communication
  • Early project cost identification
  • Streamlined design process
  • Higher quality
  • Cost reduction
  • Minimise legal repercussions

KASproc Technologies provides end-to-end solutions for all Turnkey LAB Equipment supply requirements.

We provide the following types of instruments:

  • Analytical Testing instruments
  • Pharmaceutical Testing instruments
  • Thermostatic Controlled instruments
  • Water Testing instruments
  • Paper, Paperboards, Cartons Testing instruments
  • Pollution/Environment Measuring instruments

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