Syrup Rooms


Syrup House Rooms are developed for the preparation of products like carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices, iced tea, and energy drinks. The system is specially designed for capacity, product types, and plant area.

The sugar melting group, liquid sugar filtration, concentrate feeding group, mixing and resting tanks, pasteurization units, and CIP (sanitation) groups are among the basic elements of syrup rooms.

Syrup Rooms
Syrup Rooms


  • Automatic preparation of different types of products with hot and cold sugar melting systems for better convenience
  • Easy operation and follow-up with inter-unit connection and maneuver panels
  • Different solutions for low and high-capacity facilities
  • Healthier and more homogeneous mixtures with the use of pumps in the mixing processes in liquid sugar and product tanks
  • With Automatic CIP Systems, it ensures that the filling lines and syrup room units in the facility are closed-circuit CIP for washing and sanitation
  • CIP systems with multiple outputs make CIP of two different regions possible at the same time which saves time and allows flexible production

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